Moz Church Plants.

July 20 - July 28
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Church Plants 20-28 July.
4 TEAMS – different functions.
Those who want to be trained as Eph 4:11 Evangelists are welcome.
This will be a specific time for you: instruction, impartation, and equipping for 5 days.
Team 1:
Pioneering Team. Those volunteering with 4×4’s Bikes, quads into the bush.
Hazardous journey offered for those who will volunteer to go on a dangerous mission: face challenges daily; possibly be wounded on mission, may return hurt, face daily confrontations; may be rejected and neglected, misunderstood, reputation rarely acknowledged, loneliness, & no wages it will cost you.  You need to come with: a 4×4, or on/off road motorcycle/quad.

Apply on line …. Limited number of participants.

Team 2:
Those who have come to be trained as evangelists; to learn this ministry by participating in the church plants, book of Acts 8 in action. Each day we will have a Q & A and some input. I believe this will be an apostolic impartation time of live equipping. Evangelism/ministry team directly involved with open-air crusades and the church plants.
This team may split up into different smaller teams (eg. those involved with logistics in setting up crusade, street evangelism, hospital visits etc).
At the moment we have requests to help with 3 church plants…
1. Chibuto
2. Macheleng
3. Xai-Xai
Macheleng crusade will be in the bush, wheras Chibuto and Xai-Xai will be in the towns on an open ground close to the new church venue.
We will do two nights in each area with teams. (Evening crusades, daytime demonstrating His power on the streets of no name.)
Team 3 and team 4:
A response team to any “call” that is necessary by a team. (eg a need for our medic team, which is included in T3). They will base in Honey Pot, and may rove out for a night or two into Team 1 area. They are part of the Evangelism team and can participate in the crusades/church planting. They will also help administrate the camp.
Base will be at “The Honey Pot” in Chicumbane or beach in Xai-Xai

Apply on line …. Limited number of participants.

Apply:  [email protected]


July 20
July 28
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