The Gospel in Ruth – part 2

The Gospel in Ruth – part 2 640 480 Keir Tayler

The names of the family in the book of Ruth echo the sound of the gospel to us: Elimilech: Me and My God is King. Naomi:     My Pleasant One. Chilion:    Pining. Mahlon:   Sick. Orpah:     Hind or Fawn. Ruth:        Beauty. Boaz:       Name of a Brazen Pillar. Elimilech, because of a famine in the land,…

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The Gospel in Ruth.

The Gospel in Ruth. 640 480 Keir Tayler

The book of Ruth is so rich in the gospel message. It consists of four chapters; which occur after Judges and highlights the life of man at the time. As it says: “When Judges ruled…there was no king in the land … every man did what was right in his eyes”. It is story about…

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Divine Health or Divine Healing. Which?

Divine Health or Divine Healing. Which? 640 445 Keir Tayler

Those who pray for the sick will verify this: That almost half of the people in the prayer line are suffering not from organic diseases, but from nervous conditions, neurosis, oppression, depression, fears, complexes, etc. Everywhere people are pleading for help and deliverance. Just getting them in the prayer line is not the answer. For…

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Fathering Truths

Fathering Truths 900 600 Keir Tayler

These ‘one-liners’ have been been the fashioning truths in our lives. Some are quotes from a mentor who has shaped many men – Dr. Ed Cole. I met him twice in Zimbabwe and although for a short moment it was impacting. men come and go but what they say lives on in others. I share…

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THE PURPLE HEART 150 150 Keir Tayler

Wounded men find it hard to move on from the experience to the next level of life. I have been through it and so want to share how we can get through this. Maybe you have been wounded as life hurls the unexpected at you, and not sure how to handle this. I was wounded…

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“Waters Flow”.

“Waters Flow”. 720 450 Keir Tayler

From an unknown print in 1930: It was a happy day for the widow when she accidentally met Jesus at the gate of Nain. It was a happy day when He was touched by her tears and her heartbroken sorrow, and gave her back her boy, for the Scripture records that he was raised from…

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The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith 670 502 Keir Tayler

Praying for the sick to recieve Divine Health is a tender and holy moment. It is when the person is agreeing with God’s word with all they have. It is therefore essential that the minister reveals God’s will, purpose, power and plan for man. Every minister who has had massive influence and success in healing…

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Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…”

Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…” 2048 1536 Keir Tayler

In 2006 I pioneered into the Mapai area of Mozambique, a town close to the Trans Kruger Frontier of RSA and Mozambique. A team of 25 – mostly from 3Ci Church came with me. From that mission we went deeper into the area 110 kms N. of Mapai, into a town called Massengena. One of…

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The Word of Knowledge

The Word of Knowledge 1000 756 Keir Tayler

The Spiritual gift of the word of knowledge is certain facts in the mind of God, which He sees fit to reveal to a servant supernaturally by His Spirit. It is only a “word,” or a portion of God’s great storehouse of knowledge. God speaks in divers manners, such as dreams, visions, revelation, or in…

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Montenegro: one of the most unchurched nations.

Montenegro: one of the most unchurched nations. 750 469 Keir Tayler

  NCMI Gauteng has posted a new item, ‘Montenegro: One of the World’s Most Unchurched Nations’ Keir Tayler recently visited Montenegro in South Eastern Europe. Here’s what he found. You may view the latest post at You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted. Best regards, NCMI…

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