“Power of Wisdom”.

“Power of Wisdom”. 1080 648 Keir Tayler

  “Older men/women in Ministry are having greater impact these days than ever before. Why? Preparing younger generations to carry the baton of truth into the next century IN revival. “Prepare the way of the Lord”. The 2nd Coming. Vision is direction and not style.” I put the above up on facebook and got quite…

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No fear of the future – a blog post by my daughter

No fear of the future – a blog post by my daughter 150 150 Keir Tayler

  One of my favourite books of the Bible is Proverbs. I remember as a young girl of seven years old, my father teaching me a proverb a week. It doesn’t sound like much, but each Proverb has SO much wisdom that it takes me a while for my mind, heart and soul to absorb…

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FAITH, ANOINTING and GLORY – the differences.

FAITH, ANOINTING and GLORY – the differences. 150 150 Keir Tayler

FAITH, ANOINTING GLORY Faith: is the ability given to a believer by God to have dominion  over time, space and matter. To break the law of time. Heb 11:1 “Now…” (Rom 1:17 – we grow in levels of faith.) Faith is given to: interrupt the process of time, accelerate the natural and manifest the supernatural.…

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RealXtreme Truths 2

RealXtreme Truths 2 900 600 Keir Tayler

In RealXtreme Truths 1; we looked at some pointers to measure the base line upon which our faith, power and reality of Christianity. They are like a measuring tape, or better a thermometer checking the thermostat of our hearts. How hot are we, for truth? Below are 16 points we can measure the temperature of…

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New blog post from our daughter – www.5gems.wordpress.com

New blog post from our daughter – www.5gems.wordpress.com 150 150 Keir Tayler

Two questionsI have been a bit quiet on the blog front due to a very busy November, but also don’t want to just blog for the sake of it. This month, I have had the incredible privilege of travelling to two continents – namely the UAE and USA. Both were so much fun and my…

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Montenegro – Europe

Montenegro – Europe 750 469 Keir Tayler

  MONTENEGRO: ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST UNCHURCHED NATIONS Posted on June 5, 2014 by NCMI Gauteng One evening Keir Tayler was watching the Olympics and someone from Montenegro won a medal. He thought to himself, “I wonder where that is.” He put a message on Facebook asking if anyone knew any church leaders in Montenegro and received…

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Pioneering Idjwi Island in the DRC

Pioneering Idjwi Island in the DRC 150 150 Keir Tayler

PIONEERING – IDJWI ISLAND in DRC Last year when I was with a team of friends in Kigali Lead by Mannie Pereira, one of the pastors from the DRC, said there is an island in the N.E of his country that has not had the gospel for a number of years. When Mannie and I…

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Montenegro Report

Montenegro Report 150 150 Keir Tayler

Lance (from Cornerstone Church) and Keir travelled to Podgorica in Montenegro via Istanbul, Turkey. As there was a 7 hour delay in Istanbul, they decided to venture into the city on trams and saw a museum, which was amazing. It is a beautiful city! Here is their report back … On arriving in Podgorica, the…

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In to Montenegro

In to Montenegro 750 469 Keir Tayler

I was watching TV on the Olympics. At a medal award, an athlete took her podium for the silver medal and it was announced she was from Montenegro. When I heard the name “Montenegro”, I believe the Lord said to me in a kind of a hunch like I could not get the name out…

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4 Pillars of Revival (part 4)

4 Pillars of Revival (part 4) 150 150 Keir Tayler

Christ’s method of answering the question as to whether His ministry possessed the proper qualifications or not, was to have His inquirers observe Him conduct a healing service! Jesus reached the people through healing. The elements of such a revival are all found in the 4th and 5th chapters of Acts: 1. A revival where…

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