Keir & Callie’s Testimony

Keir and Callie were born in Harare, Zimbabwe. They married in 1974.

Keir qualified in Medical and Veterinary Technology (Histopathology and Bacteriology). He also served in the military for 14 yrs, and volunteered for service in a Special Forces unit in Zimbabwe. He was wounded in both legs and cried out to God for mercy for his life. God answered with an Acts 9 experience. Whilst recovering from the wound he studied Medicine at the University of Rhodesia. They felt the call to full time ministry, and so he gave up medicine, and were obedient to God.

In 1980 Keir and Callie, with their two small children, relocated to Dallas, Texas, USA where they enrolled at a bible college called Christ for the Nations Bible Institute (CFNI).

During that time they ministered in many churches in the USA. Keir, volunteered to teach at the Beverly Hills Church School during their final year at CFNI. In 1982, they graduated, and were ordained by the, Beverly Hills Church, and sent back to Africa.

In their 34 years of ministry (since 1982); they have served in 8 churches, traveled into over 33 countries, pioneered missions into Mozambique, Poland and Zimbabwe, and done over 100 open-air crusades.

Keir’s passion is to see revival in and through the church in communities, cities and the nations.

Keir and Callie have three children and 9 grandchildren. They run a ministry called Hand in Hand International (which has been in operation for 20 years) and they trust God for everything.

Keir has a degree in practical ministry (DPM) from CFNI as well as a Bachelor of Ministry Degree (BM) from the UK.

This website is designed to give you insight in to who they are and what they do. Due to the nature of their ministry they are constantly “in the action” and often away from their home.

They believe communication is vital in God’s Kingdom and hope to keep you informed (as best they can) of all that is happening in their lives. Whether it be testimonies and reports from recent trips or where Keir and Callie are ministering in the coming weeks and months.

They operate by faith in every area including financial support.