Frank Bartleman was part of the Azusa Street Revival, yet little is heard about him.

This is his perspective of Revival.

  • “The depth of any revival will be determined exactly by the spirit of repentance that is obtained”. In fact this is the key to any revival.
  • “Mercy is rejected means judgment invited, and on a corresponding scale. In God’s world there has always been the offer of divine mercy.The ‘spirit’ of prayer will increase upon you. “Be obedient to the heavenly vision.” 2Chron 7:14
  • When the church becomes what it to should be, love and unity, the doors will never be closed or locked. God does not have many churches, all of different names. There is no division in true Pentecost, neither in true worship.
  • “Only the man who lives in fellowship with divine reality can be used to call the people of God”.
    Psalm 50 “gather my saints together to me, those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice’
  • The presence of God eliminates all sense of time. With Him all is eternity. “It is eternal life, God knows no time.” This element is not in heaven. Time is superseded. The element of eternity is here.
  • A church is called to exist to change cities. Lk 10 “As you go heal all who are sick in it”.
    “We had been called out to evangelize LA, not to build up another sect or party spirit”.
    “Surely we already had enough separate, rival church organizations on our hands, each working largely for its own interest, advancement and glory.”
  • Concerning my methods? – I have none.
  • It’s not the eloquence of men but the tears on cheeks. At times it is too awful to sing. Silence is Holy; pure; conviction comes; H/S surgery.
  • Emphasis in the revival:
    Re-discover the blood of Jesus. Washed the colour line away.
    Divine love – nothing negative.
    “first-love” of early church returned. Jesus lifted high.
    Nothing contrary to the spirit was allowed “no man did join himself to them” an awful Holy fear.“
  • “They took their shoes off” figuratively speaking.