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August 2017

A Sermon from Hell

A Sermon from Hell 150 150 Keir Tayler

Never in history has there ever been a sermon from hell. A voice from hell a man is overheard speaking in hell for the only time in the history of the world history. “In hell (Greek, Hades) he lifted up his eyes being in torment” (Lk 16:28). It is an awful cry. “Cool my tongue,…

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WEAPON of WORD. 1000 756 Keir Tayler

Basics are essential for survival: no matter how specialised we become. In the military you can become a Special Forces Operator and yet if you neglect the basics – you may come home hurt, or not at all. 4 essentials in a successful Christian Soldier: Seize, what you need to change. Clean-up, the mess and…

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The Evangelist’s Conduct.

The Evangelist’s Conduct. 555 771 Keir Tayler

The Evangelist’s Conduct. It is extremely important that en evangelist’s personal conduct be above reproach. People expect men who have this ministry to maintain a Christlike attitude in all things. At the ‘rock-face’ of planting churches, an evangelist is at his best ever in ministry. It is there that violent opposition to satanic plans are…

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