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August 2016


What is Worship?

What is Worship? 1500 1000 Keir Tayler

The level of worship in a church determines its level of revelation and manifestation of the glory of God. People who worship in spirit and truth break through into the atmosphere of eternity. Worship is not a feeling but an attitude expressed. One who knows that, without God he is nothing. Praise is exuberance clamorous.…

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Mozambique Trip.

Mozambique Trip. 1280 960 Keir Tayler

From having pioneered into Mozambique in the 1990’s for 13 years it was a great joy to travel with a true apostolic friend, Louis Nel (from Church Unlimited, Nelspruit) into the nation again. We spent a week meeting pastors from all churches and ministering to them in 3 specific locations: Xai-Xai, Machalene and Chimonzo. Leaders…

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