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June 2015

Held in His hand?

Held in His hand? 284 177 Keir Tayler

QUALITY PREACHERS: (Those that stirred the Hebrides Revivals)  Revivals were stirred up by quality preaches, “possessed by God” in His grip as a weapon to slay unbelief. John Wesley’s first questions that he asked about his lay preachers were,   Is anybody convicted by their preaching? Is anybody made mad by their preaching? If the…

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Capture by His Presence.

Capture by His Presence. 1600 1067 Keir Tayler

I think this is one of the hottest subjects and desires of people everywhere. Many think they are never going to be good enough for the closeness of Christ So let this help you understand some principles that should bring freedom: Jn 14:23 “… and we will come to him and make our home with…

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