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December 2014

The Gospel in Ruth – part 5

The Gospel in Ruth – part 5 700 435 Keir Tayler

Gleaning: lets us look at the treatment Ruth received in ‘the field of Boaz’. Ruth’s position was one of a menial gleaner. A reaper was a recognized worker receiving wages, but a gleaner had no status. A gleaner was one of the poor in the land who was allowed to pick up the stray bits…

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The gospel of Ruth – part 4

The gospel of Ruth – part 4 700 435 Keir Tayler

A look at Naomi’s life: A look in the past: In Moab – sin bitterness, and death of family. In Moab – not the will of God but in a place of pursuing the desires of the flesh. 3 graves were left behind. Jn 10:10; Jn 3:19; Jn 1: 4 – choice is Light and…

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Poland Nov 2014

Poland Nov 2014 150 150 Keir Tayler

A report on what God has done in 16 days in Poland. This is Keir’s 13th trip to Poland, and Callie has been on many with him. Here is an account of what the Lord has done in the Poland 2014 trip Four of us: Mark Ellwood (a Pastor from the Bridge Church in Pickering…

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