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July 2014

The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith 670 502 Keir Tayler

Praying for the sick to recieve Divine Health is a tender and holy moment. It is when the person is agreeing with God’s word with all they have. It is therefore essential that the minister reveals God’s will, purpose, power and plan for man. Every minister who has had massive influence and success in healing…

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Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…”

Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…” 2048 1536 Keir Tayler

In 2006 I pioneered into the Mapai area of Mozambique, a town close to the Trans Kruger Frontier of RSA and Mozambique. A team of 25 – mostly from 3Ci Church came with me. From that mission we went deeper into the area 110 kms N. of Mapai, into a town called Massengena. One of…

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